About Iveta Barinow

Since arriving in the United States from the Slovak Republic of Eastern Europe over a decade ago, Iveta Barinow has built a solid reputation for professional excellence. Possessing a diverse background in sales, merchandising, and real estate, Iveta Barinow commenced her career in the U.S. as a retail cosmetics sales consultant, where she impressed colleagues with her tenacity and leadership ability. Iveta Barinow went on to take a position as a Visual Merchandiser, where she played an instrumental role in designing and arranging displays for seasonal merchandise, cosmetics, ladies’ clothing, men’s clothing, and other products. In 1999, Iveta Barinow shifted her professional focus to real estate, with a position as a Real Estate Salesperson at Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC and William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance. As in her previous positions, Iveta Barinow was lauded for her commitment to exemplary service. In addition to providing valuation estimates, negotiating sales agreements, providing referrals, and creating campaigns, Iveta Barinow cultivated specializations in condo, residential, relocation, rental, and international sales. Today, Iveta Barinow serves as Real Estate Broker for RealtyQuest, where she endeavors to help clients find homes by creating a balance between aesthetics and practicality. Since joining RealtyQuest, Iveta Barinow has played a key role in increasing revenue by a significant percentage every year. In addition to her work with RealtyQuest, Iveta Barinow is an active member of various industry-related organizations, including the Connecticut Association of REALTORS, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS, and the Stamford Board of REALTORS. Interested in fashion, Iveta Barinow attended Connecticut’s Gibbs College, where she earned her Associate degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. When she is not working, Iveta Barinow enjoys numerous outdoors activities, including gardening, skiing, and playing tennis. An avid reader, Iveta Barinow particularly enjoys the works of authors Joyce Meyer, Mike Murdock, and Joel Osteen.


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